Hagshama - Marom

Hagshama - MASA

Absorbing information and knowledge while creating lasting bonds with Israel, Marom, and the Masorti movement.

What is it

Hagshama is the name of our MASA program serving the Abayudaya Jewish community of Kampala, Uganda. This program brings five young adults aged 22-28 to experience a five-month training program in Israel. The goal of Hagahama is to prepare these young people to return to their homes with the much-needed knowledge and tools that will help them build a strong and observant community.
Learn and Study at the Conservative Yeshiva
During their time at the yeshiva, participants will enjoy classes in Torah, Judaism, and Hebrew. They will meet students from around the world and experience life in Jerusalem
Volunteer on a Kibbutz
Living on a Kibbutz is a special experience you can only have in Israel Here the participants will learn the true meaning of communal life as they volunteer in different aspects of Kibbutz living. They will have opportunities to work in fields of interest along with taking care of the daily needs of a Kibbutz.
Taking it back home
During their 5 months in Israel, participants will create working plans that they can replicate in their homes. Obligated to take an active role in their community when they finish the MASA program, each participant will use their training to help expand Marom’s activities in Uganda and start outreach programs in their communities when they return.