About Us - Platform that Empowers Young Adults

Our Mission

Young people thirst for spiritual connection and a Jewish environment that is open-minded and meaningful.

Marom strives to provide a platform that empowers young adults to take ownership of their Jewish identity and sets them on a journey of self-discovery, knowledge and experience.

Our Story

When they first began the small grassroots operation, the founding members of Marom had a vision but never imagined it would grow to be the global movement it is today…

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Our Community

The Marom global community is a borderless experience that reaches around the world, connecting its members in a personal, spiritual, and professional experience.

Opening its arms to all with relevant, engaging online and in-person content.

Masorti Judaism

Working for our common good, and for the good of all humanity, in a spirit of partnership and trust, Masorti Judaism is inclusive and pluralistic, striving to make everyone feel welcome…

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Our Partners

The Team

Marom’s success is the result of having extremely capable people throughout the world who have dedicated themselves to shaping a vibrant and strong future for the Jewish people.

Here are a few of the people who make Marom what it is