Hagshama Registration - Marom


All you need to start the adventure!

Please read carefully all the information below

Hi! Welcome to the application process for our Tochnit Marom Hagshama.  All the steps are described below and some of them happen at the same time. We ask for your effort so that the established deadlines are respected.

You must register with Masa at this stage to receive your program scholarship. When registering, choose our program Marom Hagshama 2023. To complete the Masa registration you will need to pay the amount of 50 USD which will be refunded upon your completion of the program. The deadline for you to complete this part of the application is 26.08.2022

In this step, you will apply for Machon LeMadrichim. Machon is the first step of our program, but it is an institution that has its own application process and regulations. It follows the process requested by Machon that you must complete. Phase 1: Enrollment

Register starting today by accessing the following link: https://lln.tfaforms.net/1401?tfa_252=a0w4K000001L7OH


Deadline for registration: 7/17/2022

Phase 2: Test

After your application, you will receive an email with instructions regarding the essay you must write. You must write an essay that will be evaluated by the Machon teaching team. The test may pass or fail, in which case you will automatically be “al tnai” (conditional status).


Deadline for submitting the essay: 7/24/2022

Phase 3: Personal interviews

Personal interviews will be conducted virtually by a Machon educator starting this month. We will coordinate them with you after completing the previous steps of the admissions process (application and rehearsal).

Phase 4: Letters of Acceptance

Machon will send the program acceptance, al tnai”” (conditional) acceptance or non-acceptance letters.

At this stage of registration, we request a medical evaluation so that we can give due attention to your physical and mental health. We ask that this assessment be completed by your doctor. You can access this form here and submit it to the “About Your Health” section.


Tickets to Israel will not be provided by the Marom.  The tickets are purchased together with you and the rest of your kvutza. This cost is in addition to what you will pay for the program. Search the peil of your tnua or community to understand how this process is carried out. The program’s start day is 08.03.2023 and on this day we will arrange transportation for you and your kvutza from the airport to the first place of the program. If you do not arrive on that day, accommodation, transportation, and responsibility are at your own expense.

Each tnua/kehila must possess a student visa to enter Israel. Without this visa, it is not possible to carry out the program. Close limit 01.31.2023