Drachim - Marom


Explore, Experience, and Inspire
As a movement, we believe that all our members should have the opportunity to experience life in our Jewish homeland. Drachim provides that opportunity. Its purpose is to help participants better understand various elements of Israeli society and to experience different aspects of the movement’s ideology.

What is it

Drachim is an integral step in the life of young NOAM and Marom participants. Focused on building leadership skills and social responsibility, Drachim is aimed to develop and strengthen young people’s Jewish Masorti identity. A journey that gives students an authentic Israel experience that helps them create a deeper understanding of their connections to Israel, their Jewish identity, and themselves.
Join us and be a part of our growing Drachim international community. Meet members from around the world, and connect with alumni who currently live in Israel or have made Aliyah.
Represent Noam and Marom as a group or individual and share your experience with others in the future as a leader in your community.
Machon LeMadrichim Jerusalem
Students will live and learn at the Machon LeMadrichim campus in Jerusalem (Kiryat Moriya), an immersive educational program. Living with other gap year participants from Zionist youth movements around the world, students learn from a broad range of classes including Israeli politics, Jewish history, gender, leadership, and Hebrew. They also will learn about the ideologies and challenges of Zionism and Israel today. Participants are exposed to Israel’s political system covering topics like the peace process, economy, environment, and the unique challenges it faces balancing religion and state.
During the week they have ‘Movement Time’, where they meet with their Israeli Noam Madrich/a, go on trips, and meet other leaders and members of the Masorti movement. There are also some free weekends for any visits or travel. The Machon is an incredible learning environment with fascinating classes and expert teachers. While there participants will also have the chance to connect with interesting young people from around the world which allows them to develop, challenge, and enrich their own ideas.


During the second part of the program, we will be volunteering in Tel Aviv. Participants learn and volunteer with communities in South Tel Aviv and experience firsthand the struggles and challenges they face. They live independently in Tel Aviv and spend time with volunteers from around the world. This program involves educational classes about Israel and social justice, Dilemmas in the Jewish world, Zionism, minorities in Israel, Religion and state, etc. During this time Drachimnikim will be able to get to know Tel Aviv, explore the cultural sites, learn some Hebrew, have movement time, spend free time at the beaches, and indulge in some of the best food Israel has to offer. Free weekends offer time to explore the rest of the country.ll in order to reinforce the learning process and strengthen the bond to Israel, Zionism, and Masorti Judaism.

Taking it back home
This experience will definitely influence and shape the Drachimnikim into well-rounded individuals with a deeper understanding of who they are and their role as leaders and members of communities.