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The Talmud says:

“When Adar begins, one increases rejoicing”.
But how is it possible to command someone to be happy?
The Talmud emphasizes that joy should be added, and increased, to our current situation. It does not command us to be completely happy.
Instead, we need to look for the things that increase our happiness, what we already have. We don’t need to look far, it’s right here.

We hope this kit will bring happiness and meaning to your Purim.

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Megilah Reading

Maariv and Megillah Reading Conservative
Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale
Riverdale, NY
Wed, Mar 16th, 7:00pm EST

English Reading

Egalitarian Megilah reading
Fuchsberg yeshiva
Jerusalem Israel
March 17 at 6 pm ISTT

Hebrew Reading

Megilah reading Amijai Community
in Buenos Aires Argentina
Wed, Mar 16th, 7:00 pm ART

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Covid hit our lives on Purim two years ago. Everyone’s experience since then has been different, but with so many plans canceled, lack of certainty, and twists of fate, these past few years have been a lot like the Purim story.

Now, two years later, in some places, there is a sense of growing stability and in others, desperation. We don’t know how the future will unfold, but we never really have. That’s the message of Purim. Nahafoch Hu – everything is turned upside-down.

Sometimes good things become bad, sometimes bad events turn out well. Everything is as random as a lottery – that’s the meaning of the word Purim. And usually, we try and find some stability and sort out our problems – but on Purim, we celebrate the uncertainty in our lives.

And we celebrate big.

Setting the mood

Some people might be alone this year, others are with their partners, roommates, or friends, but nobody is going to be celebrating as usual. This guide is a collection of suggestions to empower you to have a meaningful Purim (maybe even more than before!), without a rabbi or local expert making decisions for you.

You’re welcome to use these ideas, add your own, do whatever you think your Purim requires!
Our communities in Ukraine are not forgotten in these times.

Join us in our prayer for peace

“Our brothers and sisters all over the house of Israel
The subjects in distress and captivity
Standing between the sea and the land
Hashem will have mercy on them
And they will bring them out of Egypt
And from darkness to light
And from bondage to redemption
He marveled at the cart and at a time of sacrifice
And they said, Amen”.

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