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One of the most memorable highlights of the Jewish year is Seder Night on Passover, the night on which Jewish households unite to celebrate the nation’s redemption from Egypt.

The Night…

The night on which Jewish households unite to celebrate the nation’s redemption from Egypt. It is a celebration of the Jewish national identity on the night that our nation came into being. In fact, the prophet Yechezkel (Ezekiel 16:4) calls Passover “the day of your birth.” More than just a “birthday party” though, the essence of Seder Night is to integrate and internalize the most fundamental themes of Judaism. The story of the birth of our nation, retold each year as presented in the Haggadah, forms the backbone of our faith, our identity, and our hope. In this class we will discuss the various aspects of Seder Night, as seen through the prism of the Torah, the Haggadah, and the words of our Sages.

How different is this night from all other nights. But in a way, how very Jewish! Jews are paradoxical people, holding onto a strict tradition, and always finding ways to adapt to a changing reality. For over two thousand years, Jews have made Pesach fit to the situations they faced – whether under persecution, in exile, or in comfort and in flourishing communities.

What we do this year will also echo into the future, and enter the story of our people. Our innovations could be the next generations’ traditions.

It might be hard to think like this, looking at our situation today from the perspective of thousands of years, and it’s also ok to just be where we are, doing the best we can with what we have.

That’s what Jews do!

Wishing everyone health, strength and moments of joy and calmness.

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One of the key themes of the Exodus story is the pursuit of freedom, both on an individual and national level. However, to achieve true freedom, it is crucial to understand the root causes of our enslavement.

To facilitate this deeper understanding, consider engaging in a group exercise where each person shares why they feel enslaved in various aspects of their lives, such as physically, ideologically, spiritually, and more. This introspection may provide valuable insights into how to start breaking free from these challenges.

But this is only the beginning. As members of the Jewish people, we must also explore why we are collectively enslaved and identify the barriers preventing us from attaining true liberation. By confronting these issues, we can work towards a more harmonious and just society, where everyone is free to pursue their dreams and potential.