Jewish Millennials
Jewish Millennials
1 year ago

Jewish Millenials: Navigating Their Heritage in a Digital Age

Millennials, one of history’s largest generations, are now in their mid-20s to early 40s. Jewish millennials have reached an age where they are influencing the new look of Judaism and its future. They may be feeling the tension as their progressive values push up against older traditions and customs. Growing up just before and during the technological revolution, this generation lives in a changed world very different from previous generations. With unprecedented access to information and social media, these changes have fundamentally affected the way they connect with and express their Jewish identity. This change also brought with it the desire to find real connections in a digital world. 

A generation known for valuing personal growth and social justice, they are often looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world around them. Drawn to social activism and philanthropy, many Jewish Millennials often use their passions and skills to engage in community service and advocacy efforts. One of the key characteristics of Jewish Millennials is their desire for meaningful and authentic experiences. Marom aims to create a welcoming space for Jewish Millennials where they feel comfortable exploring their Jewishness in an accepting environment. We understand in a digital world the importance of making connections with others. Events at our centers around the world are a great way for people to connect and create friendships and relationships in their communities.

More Spiritual than Religious

Jewish Millennials also face unique challenges regarding their relationship with their faith and heritage. They are less likely to be affiliated with a synagogue or organized Jewish community than their parents or grandparents were. They may feel disconnected from traditional Jewish practices and customs. However, many Jewish Millennials are finding creative ways to express and explore their Jewish identity. Whether through alternative prayer spaces, social justice organizations, or cultural events.

Overall, Jewish Millennials are a diverse and dynamic group shaping the Jewish community’s future. Driven by a desire for authenticity, social justice, and personal growth, they are finding innovative ways to express and explore their Jewish identity. While there are certainly challenges facing this generation, there is also great potential for them to make a meaningful impact on the world and to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people.

Photo credit: Helena Lopes

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