Connecting with your Jewish Roots
A Connection to your jewish roots
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Connecting with your Jewish Roots

Young Jews around the world are looking to connect with their roots. This is an important step in understanding and developing cultural and spiritual identity. However, it can be challenging with the hectic pace of modern life and living in a secular society.  For many, it can be difficult to find time and resources. Some people may feel intimidated trying to connect to something they feel estranged from. Don’t give up! Check out the following ideas that will help get you started on your journey.

6 Tips for Connecting with your Jewish Roots

  1. Learn about Jewish history and culture:

    Learning about Jewish history and culture is essential to connecting with your Jewish roots. Educating yourself through books, documentaries, and lectures is an important way to deepen your understanding of Jewish history, traditions, and values. Online resources like Marom can provide a wealth of information and insights into Jewish life and culture. Easily accessed, they are a great place to start.
  1. Attend Jewish events and celebrations:

    Attending Jewish events and celebrations is a fun way to find connections and meet other Jews who share your interests and values. Whether it’s a Shabbat dinner, a holiday celebration, or a cultural event, participating in Jewish communal life can be a deeply meaningful experience.
  1. Explore Jewish sites and landmarks: 

    Visiting Jewish sites and landmarks locally or globally is an exciting way to connect with your Jewish roots. This could include visiting Israel or traveling to historic Jewish communities and landmarks worldwide. There are also many Jewish museums and cultural centers that offer exhibits and educational programs that can help you learn more about Jewish history and culture.
  1. Practice Jewish rituals and traditions: 

    Practicing Jewish rituals and traditions can also be a very fulfilling way to connect with your Jewish roots. This could include lighting Shabbat candles, experimenting with keeping Kosher or attending synagogue services. Even small acts of Jewish observance can help you feel more connected to your Jewish heritage and identity.
  1. Make Some Jewish Friends:

    Connecting with other Jews is an important way to deepen your connection to your Jewish roots. Join a Jewish community organization or volunteer at a Jewish charity. Attend a Jewish study group or discussion forum. By engaging with other Jews, you can find support and inspiration, and build meaningful relationships that can help sustain and enhance your Jewish identity.

  2. Talk with People in Your Family:

    You may have a treasure of information sitting right next to you, or just a phone call away. People in your family can share traditions and customs that are special to the communities they come from. Learning from relatives can enrich your life and help create bonds with family members you don’t often connect with.


Connecting to your Jewish roots is a very rewarding personal and individual process. Thankfully there are many resources and opportunities that can help you along the way. Try some of the suggestions mentioned here and enjoy the journey of embracing your Jewish heritage and identity.

Photo credit: David Holifield

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