What We do

What We Do

Leadership Training & Seminars

Our leadership training is about giving our members the tools to be proactive towards their community and their self-identity. We also provide our members with an in-depth grounding in Jewish sources and in modern and liberal Jewish thought, so they will be able to develop more meaningful projects in their communities. Education is not a goal of itself, it is the way to make this world a better place.

Marom Chapters

Marom chapters are located all around the globe. We have activities in more than 20 countries throughout South America, Europe, USA, and recently also Africa and Australia. Every chapter runs their own projects, and we support them with educational tools and with financial, organization and logistics assistance. Marom also arranges county-wide and multi-national events and programs for our chapters to participate in.

Israel Programs

We believe that all our members should have the opportunity to have a Masorti experience in our Jewish Homeland, and that’s really what our Israel programs are all about. People from all over the world are coming to Israel to understand the past, to learn about the present, and to build the future together, here in our home.


Making Aliyah is a big step towards Zionist realization, but the years afterwards are just as important, and can be a challenge. Welcoming Olim, supporting them, and helping them in their absorption process is part of our daily work. We believe that the construction of a Jewish identity is an ongoing process. Many of our Olim work with us in Israel on different projects and programs.

Contact Us

8 Agron St, Jerusalem, 9426508.
The Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism.

מרום – מגשימים מסורתיים


אגרון 8, 9426508, ירושלים
מרכז פיוקסברג ליהדות הקונסרבטיבית

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